BIO - Les O'Brien

Les O'Brien was the Senior Training Specialist in the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Florida's TREEO Center. TREEO is an acronym for, Training, Research, and Education for Environmental Occupations.

He retired from Gainesville Regional Utilities after twenty-two years in the Water Engineering Department. He was the Cross-Connection Control Supervisor from 1982 to 1990. Les is also retired from the University of Florida after nineteen years.

Les has been the Lead Instructor for backflow prevention and cross-connection control courses in Florida since 1983 and has been responsible for training instructors of backflow prevention tester training programs throughout the United States.

He is a Past President of the American Backflow Prevention Association (1989-90).

Les and his family created the story line for the comic/coloring book, "Buster Backflow". The art work was created by Joe Sinardi of Gainesville Regional Utilities in 1986. Buster Backflow II is also available from

Les also maintains a few Web sites:


January 20, 2020